Financial Planning

Portfolio Review ($2,200-$5,500)
Your existing investments will be independently evaluated to determine whether your portfolio is consistent with your long term financial objectives. Specificially, we will examine:

We also encourage you to attend our in-house presentations on investment decision-making.

Financial Blueprint ($3,200 - $4,500)
In addition to the work done in the portfolio review, we will work with you to develop a complete retirement strategy consistent with your goals, financial resources, realistic real rates of return over inflation, and long term outlook. Alternative scenarios will be presented illustrating the impact of different retirement ages, spending levels or portfolio returns. This is our most comprehensive offering for hourly consulting. The final report covers several topics including:

These advisory services do not include the ongoing monitoring, review or surveillance of investments or other assets, except as related to the annual review or specific requests. If you would prefer ongoing monitoring please see our portfolio management services.

Divorce / Property Settlement ($3,700-$5,000)
Analyze assets for property division and cash flow, advise on retirement plans and pensions, advocate for a fair setttlement, portfolio planning and retirement plan consultation and other advice as needed.

Hourly Consultations ($200-300 per hour)

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