Client Education

We recognize that many investors fail to reach their objectives as a result of simply not adhering to an effective investment strategy. The enactment of an investment discipline can sometimes be at odds with what investors feel comfortable doing. Silver Oak Advisory Group believes its role includes the client's education in the money management process, including an understanding of the true costs of various investment alternatives and strategies.

This education of the client can be critical, because it may be easier for knowledgeable clients to remain committed to those strategies which are most appropriate for realizing their goals. In addition, education may act to insulate the client from emotions resulting from normal market and portfolio volatility, and from the influences of the financial media, all of which can prevent long term success.

We have developed educational presentations on the fundamental principles of investing and on more advanced issues of portfolio design, and encourage you to attend. Reading and cassette materials are also available for loan. Our educational process is interactive with the client and broad in scope because it is not geared to the sale of a particular product. For example, we educate clients on different styles of investment management even though we only offer one style for clients.

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